Cambria Press New Publication: Globalization and the Digital Divide

Cambria Press Publication: Globalization and the Digital Divide
Cambria Press New Book! Globalization and the Digital Divide

Cambria Press is proud to announce that Globalization and the Digital Divide by Kirk St.Amant and Bolanle Olaniran is now available!

This book examines globalization and its effects from the perspective of how differences in access to online communication technologies between the economically developed countries and less economically developed countries is affecting social, economic, educational, and political developments in the world’s emerging economies. It also explores how this situation is creating a global digital divide that will have adverse consequences for all nations. Each chapter thus presents trends and ideas related to the global digital divide between economically developed countries and less economically developed nations. Using this approach, the contributors present perspectives from the economically developing nations themselves versus other texts that explore this topic from the perspective of economically developed countries. The book provides a new and an important perspective to the growing literature on the global digital divide.

Learn more about this fascinating global communication study by reading the Q&A session with the editors.

This volume is an important book for all collections in communication and international studies. Ask your library to order it today!

This book is in part of the Cambria Press Mass Communication Convergence Book Series by Kenn Gaither.

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