Outstanding Review for Cuban–Latin American Relations in the Context of a Changing Hemisphere

Cambria Press book by Gary Prevost and Carlos Oliva Campos

Cambria Press congratulates Professors Gary Prevost and Carlos Oliva Campos on the outstanding review by the International Journal of Cuban Studies of their book, Cuban–Latin American Relations in the Context of a Changing Hemisphere.

The book is lauded for being “a timely publication given the enormous changes that have swept across the Latin American continent in recent years” and being “a useful contribution to the debate around the future of the Socialist system in the light of the internal reform process that was under way as the book went to press.”

The journal review also notes that “the book was published before the recent Party Congress but it correctly predicts the course that Raúl Castro has set, emphasising the economic factors that need to be addressed if the revolution is to survive.”

Cuban–Latin American Relations in the Context of a Changing Hemisphere is an important book for all scholars of Latin American politics and for scholars of US foreign policy, especially those focused on US–Cuban relations.

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