Trauma Scholars: Cambria Press author Eugene Arva will be presenting at the Trauma: Theory and Practice Conference in Lisbon!

Cambria Press author Dr. Eugene Arva will be presenting at the Trauma: Theory and Practice Conference in Lisbon, which begins tomorrow!

Cambria Press Review Traumatic Imagination

Dr. Arva’s book The Traumatic Imagination:  Histories of Violence in Magical Realist Fiction, which was published in 2011, has been praised by Professor Wendy B. Faris  (University of Texas at Arlington) commending the work because “this book contributes to the growing body of critical thought on magical realism …  by integrating postcolonial and metropolitan texts, Eugene Arva’s study shows that magical realism  is not only a postcolonial phenomenon but also belongs in meaningful ways to world literature in all cultural contexts, especially those having experienced trauma of one kind or another … this approach to magical realism through ideas associated with trauma studies enlarges our understanding of the cultural work magical realism has been continuing to do in contemporary world literature.”

Transnational Literature also praised the book because it demonstrates that “Arva’s knowledge is extensive and comprehensive” and he “introduces innovative concepts of his own while remaining faithful to their original literary, cultural
and critical sources.”

Dr. Arva will also be giving a guest lecture at LITRA (Center for Literature and Trauma), Ghent University, Belgium, on May 8. This is an event trauma scholars do not want to miss!

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