Cambria Press Rave Review by Publius: The Journal of Federalism for The Political and Economic Sustainability of Health Care in Canada

Cambria Press congratulates Howard A. Palley, Marie-Pascale Pomey, and Owen B. Adams on the outstanding review on their well-praised book The Political and Economic Sustainability of Health Care in Canada by Publius: The Journal of Federalism!

The review commends the book because it is “comparative and multidimensional” and add that “the study carefully documents the conflicts inherent in any federal systems. This puts the U.S. federal–state challenges into perspective and means that Americans have something to learn from the experiences of the Canadian provinces.” The review emphasizes that this book is “a rare contribution to Canadians studies—a most welcome addition to scholarly works in this field. A bonus: the chapter on Quebec. It is extremely useful for teaching because there is so little written about this French-speaking province. Many studies omit Quebec because it is so hard to find material in English … this alone makes the book extremely valuable to scholars.”.”

The book has also been praised by noted experts (including  The Honorable Monique Bégin, PC, FRSC, OC; Former Canadian Minister of National Health and Welfare) for being “an authoritative study of interest for readers on both sides of the 49th parallel.”

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Cambria Press Book Review: The Political and Economic Sustainability of Health Care in Canada
Cambria Press Book Review: The Political and Economic Sustainability of Health Care in Canada

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