(Re)defining Sex, Love, and Fidelity

Cambria Press academic publisher Book: Sex, Love, and Fidelity: A Study of Contemporary Romantic Relationships
Cambria Press Book: Sex, Love, and Fidelity: A Study of Contemporary Romantic Relationships

According to yesterday’s article in The Economist, the older generation does not get it when it comes to finding love on the Internet. In reference to Anthony Weiner sending lewd snaps of himself, the report states “the way to find love is to send photos of your face.” The article touches on the many questions the scandal had raised: How are people hooking up in the digital world and in real life? How is this impacting relationships? Why is Huma Abedin standing by Anthony Weiner? Does this spell a redefining of relationships (consensual nonmonogamy)?

In Sex, Love, and Fidelity: A Study of Contemporary Romantic Relationships published by Cambria Press in December 2012, Dr. Kassia Wosick sheds light on the relationship patterns that are emerging in today’s society with new (re)definitions of sex, love, and fidelity . She reports that “consensual nonmonogamy takes a variety of forms, including open relationships, swinging, and polyamory. In swinging and open relationships, individuals challenge the master monogamous template by (1) engaging with multiple sexual partners and (2) being consensual and usually overt about such interactions.” Among the questions she explores is one which many have asked: If there are rules for monogamy, are there also rules for nonmonogamy?

The research in this book is simply fascinating; it reveals many different definitions of relationships, some of which will prove surprising. Written in a highly accessibly manner with excerpts from scores of interviews, this book is an eye-opening page turner!

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