Cambria Press Book Review: The British Journal for the History of Science commends Charles Dupin (1784–1873) and His Influence on France

Cambria Press academic publisher Charles Dupin

Cambria Press Book Review: Charles Dupin (1784–1873) and His Influence on France

Cambria Press congratulates Margaret Bradley on the outstanding review of her book in The British Journal for the History of Science. The book review praises Charles Dupin (1784–1873) and His Influence on France because “the great merit of this first English-language biography of Charles Dupin is to draw renewed attention to the importance of this key player in the formation of nineteenth-century science.” The review further commends the book for being “a most valuable resource” and notes that “it provides invaluable biographical context for any scholar delving more deeply into particular intellectual and ideological studies of the period.”

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