Asian-Pacific Heritage Month Highlight – Alienglish: Eastern Diasporas in Anglo-American Tongues

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Alienglish: Eastern Diasporas in Anglo-American Tongues by Sheng-mei Ma is the perfect book for the celebration of Asian-Pacific Heritage Month.

Published this year, Alienglish: Eastern Diasporas in Anglo-American Tongues by Sheng-mei Ma is the perfect book for the celebration of Asian-Pacific Heritage Month.

From the book’s introduction: 
“Haltingly, aliens come to speak in the Anglo-American tongue that you and I (me and you?) would understand, but what emerges is somehow skewed by accents, syntax, body language, and nonstandard contextual references—an uncanny, off-kilter language that I call Alienglish. Either an alien’s English that estranges or an alienating English because it sounds so natural, it issues forth from an involuntarily forked tongue and split psyche, operating on two registers, one clear and comprehensible, the other occluded and unfamiliar. The neologism Alienglish threatens to mongrelize the very name of native speakers’ mother tongue, which has, ironically, twisted and scorched millions of nonnative mouths.”

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