PBS Documentary Reveals IS’s systematic rapes, sexual slavery

Slavery: Past and Present

John Doyle: Harrowing PBS doc reveals IS’s systematic rapes, sexual slavery – The Globe and Mail

The Yazidi people, long persecuted by other religions and sects in the region, are particularly despised by the IS. They are seen as seen as heretics and the caliphate must be cleansed of their presence to assure the purity of the state. What this means in practice is that men are killed and the women are prized as sex slaves.

A mother, aged 21 with two infant children, tells of what she witnessed while being held. Nine-year-old girls being raped. A woman, Nadia, says, “They raped me through the night and into the morning. Then a driver took me and delivered me to a group of 12 men. All 12 of them, they did everything to me again.” The woman, clearly physically and mentally fragile, kneads her hands and shakes recounting her story. She…

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