Columbus Day Book Highlights: Celebrating the Italian American Heritage

In celebration of the rich Italian American heritage and the contributions of Italian Americans, Cambria Press is proud to highlight the following excellent books:

Cambria Press Publication:
The Italian Americans

First published in 1971 this updated and revised classic, which has earned rave reviews, details the incredible contributions of Italian Americans to the artistic, social, economic, political and religious life of the United States.

Cambria Press Publication
The Humble and the Heroic: Wartime Italian Americans  

This highly acclaimed book addresses two key questions that pertains to all Americans: 1) Was an extra measure of loyalty and patriotism required of Italian immigrants because the country of their birth was a declared enemy of their adopted country; and 2) Does the World War II experience of Italian Americans offer meaningful insights as to how we should treat other immigrant groups in future conflicts?

Cambria Press Publication 
A Sicilian in East Harlem 

Sicilia Parra praises this book because through it, “we relive an important moment of Sicilian immigration that must be known.” This book shatters commonly held perceptions of Sicilians in New York. It will stand forever as perhaps the only window into a past which is vanishing from our history.

Cambria Press Publication 
Fascist and Anti-Fascist Propaganda in America:
The Dispatches of Italian Ambassador Gelasio Caetani

Based on first-hand, original and archival documents uncovered in Italian and American national archives, this book details how details how in December 1929, Mussolini disbanded the Fascist League of North America.  It presents to the national and international audience of scholars and readers a clear view of the causes of the dissemination of fascism in the United States from 1922 to 1930.

Order these books today and make sure your library has a copy so that others can learn about the important contributions of the Italian Americans.

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