Cambria Press Publication Review: African Heritage and Memories of Slavery in Brazil and the South Atlantic World

Congratulations to Professor Ana Lucia Araujo (Howard University) on the outstanding review of her book African Heritage and Memories of Slavery in Brazil and the South Atlantic World by H-Net Reviews. The book review states:

Cambria Press publication review

Examining systems of oppression, representation, and acculturation, this book offers alternative ways of understanding and privileging African legacies in Brazil. Essentially, this interdisciplinary text challenges systems of racism and calls for the preservation,
presentation, and proliferation of African legacies in Brazil. … this book examines the systematic suppression of black and African-centered arts, bodies, religious practices, cultural norms, and sociopolitical traditions in Brazil. Chartering new perspectives, scholars uncover archival mysteries, museum practices, hidden histories, and places of historic trauma. This collection also reveals communal legacies of resistance and empowerment in the lives and practices of all Brazilian people. Read the rest of the review.

Title: African Heritage and Memories of Slavery in Brazil and the South Atlantic World
Authors: Ana Lucia Araujo
Publisher: Cambria Press
ISBN: 9781604978926
428 pp.  |   2015   |   Hardback & E-book
Book Webpage:

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Cambria Press Publication Review: Transatlantic Memories of Slavery

Congratulations to Professors  Elisa Bordin and Anna Scacchi on the glowing review of their book, Transatlantic Memories of Slavery: Reimagining the Past, Changing the Future, by the European Journal of American Studies.

Scacchi Bordin Book Cover

The following are excerpts from the book review.

“With great courage, sharp intuition and professional dedication they have tackled some of the most controversial issues of historical revision and imaginative projection linked to the slave trade all over the world. While stressing the central role of slavery in the affirmation of Euro-American modern capitalistic society, they give space to the dignity and validity of long time ignored acts of memory produced in different fields by people of African descent. The importance attributed by them to these narratives in both written or visual form, are now shown as a dialogic and no less important counterpart to the over-publicized acts of memory written by representatives of the Euro-American hegemonic platform. Through the analysis of a large sample of writings, fiction and non-fiction, films, photographs, popular culture, the authors, a group of renown scholars and artists, question the legitimacy of the kept records, showing that the problem, as William Styron maintained, is not just how to portray the history of slavery, but how ‘to wrestle with the incomplete project of freedom.’

“What appears particularly relevant in this collection is the methodological approach, a complex, comparative, transnational gaze that rightly pulls down the ideal boundaries of nation and continent, North and South America, Brazil and West Africa, and above all French, Spanish and English Caribbean – where, it should be remembered, the slave trade registers its highest peak – allowing them to shed light on the multiple ways in which difference builds up a privileged path to artistic productions. The mechanics of how slavery affected the intercultural, inter-human, inter-linguistic exchanges between different peoples finds in this broad discussion one of the best possible readings, where the textual and the meta-textual crisscross and contaminate each other; a modern approach that ignores stale categories, narrow paradigms, prefigured evaluations.”

“The fluidity achieved between disciplines, territories, languages, anthropological characterizations is happily harmonized with a captivating style, that accrues the meaning of the research and the pleasure of reading.”

Read the entire review here.

This book is in the Cambria Studies in Slavery book series (general editor: Ana Lucia Araujo).

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Cambria Press New Publication: #Slavery, Migrations, and Transformations

Cambria Press announces a new publication in the Cambria Studies in Slavery: Past and Present Series by Ana Lucia Araujo (Howard University).

Cambria Press Publication academic publisher

Cambria Press New Publication: Slavery, Migrations, and Transformations:
Connecting Old and New Diasporas to the Homeland
edited by Toyin Falola and Danielle Porter Sanchez

“One cannot extricate the diasporic experiences of Haitians in Miami or Nigerians in Houston from the larger political and social climate of today’s world, which transcends national, regional, and international borders and connects Africans and African diasporic experiences over space and time.”  – Toyin Falola and Danielle Porter Sanchez (from the book’s introduction)

From Chapter 6: Rewind and Reframe: Thoughts on Race in Contemporary Europe

“Accumulating the privileges and prestige that accompany upward mobility does not always protect people of color, as pointed out in Steve McQueen’s film Twelve Years a Slave … In Europe, that vulnerability was reflected in racist insults directed at French justice minister Christiane Taubira during a 2013 visit to Angers.”

From Chapter 9: From Juan to Juan: The Triumph of Poet and Subject in Juan Latino’s Austrias carmen

The masterpiece of the extraordinary former-slave-turned-Latin professor Juan Latino … has a few features that distinguish it from other epic poems of its kind. For instance, certain passages in the poem present the point of view of marginalized figures.  … as a marginalized figure himself, a black man in a European society, Latino chose Juan de Austria [also marginalized because he was the illegitimate son of Charles V] as his epic hero because he could identify with him.”

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Press Release & Promo Trailer for Transatlantic Memories of Slavery: Reimagining the Past, Changing the Future

See the press release for Cambria Press for Transatlantic Memories of Slavery.

Watch the trailer for this book from Cambria Press.

Cambria Press Publisher

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See another related publication from Cambria Press: Slavery, Migrations, and Transformations

Both books are in the Cambria Studies in Slavery: Past and Present Series headed by Ana Lucia Araujo (Howard University).


Ida B. Wells Birthday Tribute: Black Women as Custodians of History

Ida B. Wells

Black Women as Custodians of History: Birthday Tribute to Ida B. Wells

Cambria Press Book Highlight in honor of Ida B. Wells’s Birthday

“Like W. E. B. Du Bois, black activist and journalist Ida B. Wells also chose to become an interpreter of facts in her writings about lynching at the turn of the twentieth century [… and] called African Americans to write and distribute accurate histories that would counteract the false depictions created by white-owned presses, dispersing this message through her work in the antilynching movement.”   – Paula Sanmartín, Black Women as Custodians of History: Unsung Rebel (M)Others in African American and Afro-Cuban Women’s Writing

*This book is part of the Cambria Studies in Slavery Series headed by Ana Lucia Araujo (Howard University).

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