Cambria Press Book Highlight: Seeking Bipartisanship

As budget debates continue in Washington, will President Donald Trump’s $1 trillion infrastructure plan be realized or will it fall through? The infrastructure issue is one which President Obama’s administration attempted to address too.

Former Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood was just interviewed on the National Journal about this and he also discussed the problem in his book, Seeking Bipartisanship:

When the new president [Obama] took office, most everyone accepted the need for action on transportation. They knew where the bad roads were. They knew about bad bridges that needed to be fixed. They knew we suffered with outdated transit systems. But we could never figure out a way to pay for the fixes. The administration would not lobby for an increase in the gas tax when it had the votes. Republicans in the House would have blocked the increase once they regained control of the House. The infrastructure bank never gained traction, although it could have supplemented the Highway Trust Fund. We never figured out how to pay for a transportation bill that matched the president’s rhetoric.

Politico has predicted that President Trump’s “hopes for a ‘very bipartisan’ bill are running into the same kinds of political forces that torpedoed the Obamacare repeal.”

Why is bipartisanship so elusive? Secretary LaHood’s book provides a rare inside account of how politics work in Washington. Order Seeking Bipartisanship on Amazon today for this fascinating read into the everyday life of Washington politics.

Ray LaHood

Title: Seeking Bipartisanship: My Life in Politics
Editors: Ray LaHood with Frank H. Mackaman
Publisher: Cambria Press
ISBN: 9781604979053
360 pp.  |   2015   |  Paperback & E-book
Book Webpage:

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Seeking Bipartisanship by Secretary Ray LaHood Makes Front-Page News

Ray LaHood JournalStar Seeking Bipartisanship Cambria Press boook author publication

Secretary Ray LaHood made front-page news with his book, Seeking Bipartisanship (forthcoming from Cambria Press at the end of October 2015)

Seeking Bipartisanship, the new book by Secretary Ray LaHood with Frank H. Mackaman of the Dirksen Congressional Center, made front-page news this weekend.

An online article is also available. It notes that like Secretary LaHood, the atypical politician:

The writing for the book also followed an atypical pattern. LaHood and Mackaman started in mid-2007, in the end of LaHood’s last term in Congress. Mackaman essentially drafted a series of interview questions for LaHood to respond to, creating  “living history” vibe to it.

“Ray set the agenda, and after the process he described, I would go back into the archives (of the LaHood papers, housed at the Dirksen Center) and try to bring support or illustration to the argument,” Mackaman said.

They picked back up again after LaHood left the Cabinet and returned to private life. The result keeps a conversational tone, but is also replete with end notes citing specific sources for events, conversations, travel and more.

Read the entire article on Secretary LaHood’s new book, Seeking Bipartisanship.

Secretary LaHood will be speaking about the book and signing copies at at 7 p.m. on Nov. 23 at Eureka College in the Gammon Room of the Melick Library. RSVP by calling 495-6319 or

Preorder Seeking Bipartisanship from Cambria Press at the special price of $29.95.

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Cambria Press Publication: Seeking Bipartisanship by Ray LaHood with Frank Mackaman (this book is part of the Cambria Politics, Institutions, and Public Policy in America Book Series by Scott Frisch and Sean Kelly).

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